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We are full service residential and commercial roofing and exterior contractors


We offer "full-service" roofing services. That means that we'll handle every type of service an average homeowner may need for their roof over the years such as a brand new roof installation, a full replacement or re-roof, and simple repairs. All of this comes with a promise of professionalism and exceptional no matter the project type or size.


Ready to upgrade the interior of your home? From changing the tiles and flooring of your bathroom for a new aesthetic look, to completely overhauling and reimagining your current basement space into something brand new, we handle all types of remodeling for an interior space you'll love to show off.


Modern-day decks have reached another level of practicality and beauty. We custom-build amazing decks with a breathtaking look to fit your home's current personality, but we also build them to be safe and sturdy enough for all the traffic a deck will receive from friends and family enjoying the outdoors.

Cannon Roofing and Siding Images
Cannon Roofing and Siding Images
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